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Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

I returned home from Bali, ohhh magical Bali, 2 months ago. My trip to Bali was planned to attend my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Canggu with The Peaceful Warriors. I spent a total of six weeks in Bali. The first four weeks were spent completing my intensive yoga training, while the last two weeks were spent traveling around, scoping out all of the beauty that Bali has to offer, which is a lot. Like I said Bali is magical and oh so beautiful. I will go into greater detail about what the training entailed, but for starters, if I could sum this experience up in one word, which by the way is incredibly difficult considering the 200+ hours of the lectures, practices and overall experiences left me for the most part speechless, it would have to be "Transformative."

Why did I choose to do my training in Bali?

By the time I finally made the decision to register for my yoga teacher training with The Peaceful Warriors, I had been researching schools all over the world for about 6-7 months. I would like to note, there are millions, maybe even billions of yoga teacher trainings globally so the options were endless. Admittedly, searching for the "right" school was a bit stressful with so many options and you just want to make the right choice. I just wanted to find that school that I felt like I would really fit, ya know... and I kept coming back to The Peaceful Warriors. I have been asked a few times why I chose the school I did and how did I know it was going to be the right decision?

Upon signing up for the course, I had been practicing yoga daily for about a year. I knew I was looking for an intensive training. I wanted something to really take me deeper into the overall practice and study of yoga, while still maintaining that East meets West sort of structure, which The Peaceful Warriors offered. At this point my practice was mainly focused on Vinyasa and Hatha, which is also what the training was centered around. I was just drawn to The Peaceful Warriors. I kept up with their ongoing trainings via social media and I just really liked the vibe, like a big fun yoga family that just kept growing each training. Something was telling me with the curriculum, the level of highly certified teachers and my keen intuition, this was the YTT for me. It helped that I had never been to Bali and had always wanted to visit, even more so to spend an entire month there, living and breathing yoga! Sign me up!

What a day during the yoga teacher training looks like...

Next thing you knew, I landed in Denpasar airport just after the new year with the most exciting four weeks of yoga teacher training ahead of me! New year, new me, right?! Haha

As I mentioned before, the training was intensive. This meant that our days were spent literally living and breathing all things Y O G A . Days filled with asana, lectures, labs and countless hours of practice, my daily schedule (Sat-Thurs) looked like this:

  • 7.00 - Guided Vinyasa/Hatha Asana Practice including meditation & pranayama *90-120mins


  • 10.30 - Workshops & Lectures (philosophy, anatomy, yoga styles and adjustments, health/nutrition, ayurveda, yogi lifestyle, etc) *2hrs


  • 14.00 - Asana Lab (study postures, alignment, step by step progression) *2hrs

Small break

  • 16.30 - Lectures or Guided Yin practice *2hrs

** The schedule usually ended around 18.30-19.00. Once or twice a week ending at 21.00 with events such as Kirtan, additional lectures, meditation practices or movie night.

The training allowed us some free time as well to get out and explore the area a bit. We also had some scheduled activities throughout such as surfing and a trip to Titra Empul - The Holy Water Temple to take part in the traditional Balinese water cleansing ritual. << AMAZZING experience btw! (If anyone who took the training with me is reading this, let's not forget the snakes and the resemblance of Shiva that was felt during this.)

Where did the training take place in Bali?

The training took place in Canggu, a magical, hip little area in Bali full of yoga and spirituality, amazing sunsets on the beach and mouth-watering food with so many vegan and vegetarian spots to choose from. Shout out to Mad Pops, Moana and Crate for being a few of my favs! The local warungs were definitely a sweet spot to grab food as well!

The training itself and where I stayed for the entirety of the training was at Cosmos Oasis. This space was set up specifically for yoga trainings and retreats accommodating to a yogi's every need. Our rooms (private or dorms) and open concept common areas downstairs with a huge yoga shala upstairs overlooking the beautiful rice fields. Practicing yoga here everyday was a dream and meditation at sunrise every morning was tip-top!

Canggu holds a special place in my heart and always will. I went through some life changing experiences here with some amazing people who I can now call my little yoga family. We shared so so many laughs, all the tears and those deep, thoughtful conversations.


Deciding to sign up for a yoga teacher training was one of the best decisions of my life, yes... life. Being able to experience the YTT with The Peaceful Warrior family was just the icing on top. Of course I was expecting to learn yoga postures, philosophy and how to become a teacher, etc at the training, but I honestly did not expect to learn so much about myself personally. During my time in Bali, surrounded by 26 other kind-hearted souls, as well as a group of amazing teachers, I watched myself become more vulnerable and transform into a better version of myself. I experienced and learned so many things that I cannot even put into words. This is the stuff that can only be felt, this stuff is real. I was challenged physically, emotionally and spiritually while new doors were being opened that I didn't even know existed within myself. It was tough. It was raw. It was growth. I would love to take everything I experienced during my training and jumble it all into a box, returning to this box to remember how I felt and experience all the energy all over again. I will however hold this experience close to my heart and have those memories that I will treasure forever. This "transformative" journey is endless and I feel as though I have only just begun.

Forever grateful for this opportunity.

I love you, Peaceful Warriors!


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