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A Better Yogi. A Better me.

I have been having a hard time with some stuff these past few weeks. Working through emotions, difficult ideas and some stresses are weighing heavy on me. I am trying not to let these things get me down and takeover and fill my days and head with negativity. Instead, I have been trying to focus on what lesson these things might be trying to teach me and in what ways. Taking the time and observing at how I am reacting. Why am I reacting this way? Maybe even altering my approach to show more love and kindness to myself. My life isn't perfect, no one's is really. It's pretty obvious you can't always be happy, but that doesn't mean you can't always try to be positive when reacting. Not so desirable things happen in life and they usually take us by surprise at what we think is the worst times. But what I think is important is your efforts and how you use your inner tools to deal. Mindset really plays a huge part. If I walk around feeling sorry for myself and complaining, I feel that gets me no where except in a slump, a vicious cycle of guilt and judgement and overall a really shitty mood. Instead, I like examining the root of the problem and how I could positively and actively like to change things going on.

My yoga and spiritual journey has taught me, among many others things, how to approach such situations without anger, judgement or using something to mask the issues. Coming to situations with a clear mind, open heart and patience for myself and others. Upon starting my yoga journey, I viewed my yoga asana practice as an 'outlet' among many other things. Outlets that helped me 'deal' with my problems...better yet mask my problems. Now I realize just how far from the plot I really was, but hey it's a process and lots of learning. Yoga overall, as a whole, (not just asana, because there are many aspects of yoga) is steadily preparing me for issues long BEFORE they arise. Again, I reiterate BEFORE they arise.

That is one of the reasons why I practice yoga; to better prepare myself for life and living. Not just for a workout or to put myself in these cool pretzels shapes or even to mask my stress or issues for a hour or two. Don't get me wrong, Yoga is a great tool to relieve stress but I think that masking your issues in a yoga class is not going to solve your problems. They will be there when the yoga flow is over and you step back into your life. Applying and devoting yourself to your entire practice of yoga on the other hand can bring you transformative results. Learning how to cope with stuff before it arises.

With all this being said, life still has it's hard moments. Just because I'm a yogi doesn't mean shit isn't thrown my way or my past trauma has disappeared. I just have a better toolkit teaching me how to deal as I walk through life, constantly adding things to said toolkit through my journey as I learn and grow. I don't know everyone's life or what works for each individual and I certainly don't know everything about anything, but I can honestly say many, many things I have learned through all the great teachers, trainings and retreats I have attended or just through my own yoga journey have truly opened a new perspective to life, to what is truly important, worth my time or energy and how to be a better yogi, a better me. 

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